Downton Abbey

An audience with MyAnna Buring actress (Downton Abbey, Ripper Street and Twilight) for Spa Fabulous Organics


Q: Aside from using Spa Fabulous Organics products what else do you do to contribute to the health of your skin?

A: I drink at least two litres of water a day if I can. I eat relatively healthily- i juice everyday - I make sure I get more than my five a day... And I try to have Neena Trehan facials regularly. They help keep my skin deeply cleansed and moisturised.


Q: Favourite Spa Fabulous Organics products?

A: I love all the products but the Splash and the serums -ESP the Calming Serum and the Purifying Serum are my skin saviours...


Q: Everyday skin care and make up routine?

A: Every morning and night I cleanse with Spa Fabulous Cleanse and Glow Rebalancing, spritz with Spa Fabulous Splash or cold water if I've run out. In the morning I put on the Calming Serum usually or Bliss for Your Skin Face Oil, then moisturiser, then sun factor 50. At night I only massage my chosen serum onto my face- nothing else. Make up - I usually use a mineral powder for foundation- I.D. Bare Minerals or Laura Mercier. A bronzer for rouge and eye shading, mascara, lip balm, or a red or pink lipstick- Mac and Chanel do great lipsticks...


Q: Off duty style?

A: Eclectic- if I wake up feeling like it - I'll glam up. If I don't I'll go food shopping in my pj’s without makeup.


Q: What do you enjoy about working on period drama?

A: Apart from the characters and the story lines, I relish the chance to immerse myself in history, to explore and imagine the lives of people from worlds gone by. It reminds me of where we've come from and in what ways life has changed and in what ways it hasn't at all.


Q: Favourite Downton character?

A: I cannot choose! Seriously- I love them all.


Q: How do you like working with Magi Vaughan?

A: She is such a clever makeup and hair artist! She's a perfectionist and meticulous with her work. Also she understands the stress actors skin and hair go through and is always looking for ways to help us out. I introduced her to Spa Fabulous Organics products when I first worked with her on the Downton Christmas special last year- she loved them so much - she was using them on the makeup truck this season!


Q: Comfortable with minimal makeup on Downton?

A: Can be daunting when you have breakouts say but ultimately it would look so wrong and at odds with the period if it were anything else... I would be more uncomfortable insisting on something that was not period just because I thought it would make me look better. My job is not to look good- it's to sell a character. The second season of Ripper Street will air on BBC 1 later this autumn. Long Susan is so very different from Edna - they're both great fun to play and I'm so lucky to be part of the two shows.



An audience with Magi Vaughan (Downton Abbey make-up artist) for Spa Fabulous Organics


Q. When and how did you first discover Spa Fabulous Organics?

I was introduced by MyAnna. I went for a facial with Neena and I was very impressed. I felt like I’d had a mini face lift.


Q. What do you love about the Spa Fabulous Organics products and which is your favourite?

I love the smell of the products – it makes you feel transported to a gorgeous spa. My very favourite is the “A Little Pot Of Heaven” eye cream. 


Q. What do you love most about working on the Downton Abbey series?

It’s a beautiful series and the look is very important.

I love working on Downton because it gives me a chance to bring back the 1920’s in the most elegant and beautiful way possible.


Q. What look have you most enjoyed creating on the series? Name your favourite or are there a few?!

All the looks are different and it’s always a challenge to make everybody the most beautiful they can be in that era.


Q. What tips can you give us for getting the Downton Abbey look?

Good skin, the men and women have to look like they have immaculate skin. So skin care is very important and to get that glow – which Spa Fabulous Organics certainly does.


Q. Which celebrity would you most like to give a makeover to and why?

Too many to name!!!


Q. How have the products worked on cast members’ skin?

I know MyAnna Buring who plays Edna is a fan because she introduced you to Spa Fabulous…

We use many different products on Downton but I loved Spa Fabulous Organics for its naturalness – it feels lovely on the skin and so gentle.

Everything is very well thought out – and it helps when the skin is stressed or tired to bring back that glow. I also love that there are only a few products so that you feel less is more.


Q. How important is a subtle, glowing and natural complexion on sets such as period dramas?

It’s extremely important, as you don’t want them to look like they are wearing any make-up at all. The better the skin – the easier my work is.


Q. Who is your favourite Downton Abbey character and why?

Love them all.


Q. What tips and tricks can you give us for creating a flawless face?

Prep the skin with a light moisturiser and let it sink in. Then apply a very light coating of foundation to even out the skin tone. Then apply a natural pink blusher to the cheeks and a glow; this can also be used on the eyes to make them pink out. A light coating of mascara – plumped lips and you’re off.

It’s all about creating the look of healthy skin

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